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Video SEO

What is Video SEO ? Video SEO is the term given to help optimise videos so that Google and other search engines can find them amongst all the pages on your website and also to place them in the video searh area of Google results. Video results are normally found closer to the top of a search result page than most normal website links. Videos and your site There

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Premium themes VS Custom themes

What is a Premium theme ? A premium theme is one that is made for a content management system like WordPress. Most of the time the theme is made by a developer or a designer and is constructed in a way to make it more flexible to a wider audience so it is easier to sell to customer. They normally sell for any from £1 to £400 and there

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Happy 4th Birthday – Redesign

Phoenix Web Solutions is 4 years old and as it’s also the directors birthday, we decided to celebrate with a new look for our site. So we have decided to make the website responsive to future proof the site on all devices as well as change the design to the new logo we designed. We have also decided to turn over a new leaf with our on-line presence especially

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Phoenix Web Solutions 4th Birthday